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ENGLISH For University Students

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Each unit in this book consists of different sections with different purposes. The followings are some explanations about the sections of this book.

  1. Initial discussion – In this part of the textbook, some initial discussion tasks and questions will be provided in order to brainstorm the topic of the text to be discussed and bridge the students’ knowledge with the topic through some initial discussion task and questions. Central concepts are presented through pictures, maps, models, etc. Appropriate structures and vocabulary are introduced, and students are given the opportunity of describing what they have seen orally and in writing.
  2. Reading/Listening/Video Watching task – This part of the book will provide reading and listening materials as the main source for further discussion. The materials will be taken from authentic resources such as articles from websites, news, videos from You Tube, and audio resources. Some adjustment might be done to ensure students’ comprehension. At the end of this part, students answer some questions about the reading text, listening passage, or video. Vocabulary and grammar builder are provided to enhance and support students’ mastery in English.
  3. Pronunciation Practice – This part of the book will provide students with task which requires them to do practice their ronunciation. This part will encourage learners to improve their speaking skill especially in term of pronunciation aspects.
  4. Online research task – This part of the book will provide students with task which requires them to do online research activities. This part will encourage students to demonstrate their digital and information literacy.
  5. Productive task – In each lesson students will be expected to create a real innovative product such as digital poster, digital story, short essay, and other products which demonstrate students’ learning experiences throughout the


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