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Classroom Discourse a Model of Calssroom Language Research

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Speaking a language is performing speech acts, acts such as making statements, giving commands, asking questions, making promises and so on. Speech acts are utterances that serve communication. We cannot get rid of using speech acts when speaking, explaining, giving information, showing our feelings and so on. To a great extent, the language or speech acts used by teachers and students in classrooms determines what is learned and how learning takes place. Some language teaching experts have argued strongly that students should have significant opportunities to
integrate oral and written language in the classroom, because these experiences support and encourage the development of literacy.

This book is an effort how to see how the language studied and used in the classroom could help students reach what they have to get. It is useful for language teachers to improve their teaching and learning process as well as their self evaluation on waht they have done before the students. It also provides an example how to research teaching and learning process both language teaching and learning non-language one.

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